nov 202012

puttyPacket corrupt during ssh sessions

Whenever I’m using two subnets for my cluster I seems to be having problems with:

Corrupted MAC on input.
Disconnecting: Packet corrupt

It particularly happens when there’s a lot of information being passed to the screen. It’s a right killer when you’re compiling on a remote system. However, while I’ve been able to get around that by running a GNU Screen session on the remote box it was time to solve it.\

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sep 182012

tcpdump – Detailed Network Traffic Analysis

The tcpdump is simple command that dump traffic on a network. However, you need good understanding of TCP/IP protocol to utilize this tool. For.e.g to display traffic info about DNS, enter:

# tcpdump -i eth1 'udp port 53'

Bekijk al het verkeer behalve SSH

#tcpdump not port 22

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